Spruce up your living area with the Usha Side Table from Early Settler! This mid-century styled treasure is the perfect companion for your sofa or armchair, and an absolute must-have for your home.With its 45cm diameter, it’s just the right size to hold your coffee, books, or a lovely plant.
But what really catches the eye are the statement legs with their striking X-shaped design.
It’s a detail that adds that extra oomph! Adorned in a deep brown colour, the Usha Side Table is a visual symphony of warm tones and textures.
Its mango wood composition gives it a robust character, and the lacquered finish adds a touch of luxury that is pleasing to the eyes and the touch.
This blend of colour, material, and finish creates a harmonious aesthetic that radiates charm and elegance.
Make the Usha Side Table, a part of your home, and let its charm transform your living space.