Discover the charm of the Sahab Brown and Beige Aztec Washable Rug.
This rug showcases an abstract tribal wavy maze line pattern in cream on a warm tan brown-based background, making it a unique, modern, and contemporary addition to any space and decor.
Enjoy the luxury of a soft, machine-washable pile that adds extra warmth and comfort to your room.
Its silky-smooth texture ensures a high-quality finish and a luxurious feel.
This rug is stain-resistant and easy to clean, and it’s designed for convenient storage with a foldable feature and a built-in non-slip underlay for safety.
Elevate your space with the Sahab Washable Rug.

Machine Washable: Enjoy hassle-free deep cleaning.

Spill and Stain Resistant: Fear not those occasional mishaps.

Soft Plush 8mm Polyester Pile Fibres: Experience luxury and warmth underfoot.

Kid and Pet Friendly: Designed to withstand the demands of active households.

Non-Slip Built-In Underlay: Ensures stability and safety.

Foldable For Easy Storage: Save space when not in use.

Simple Spot Wipe: Quickly address small spills and accidents.

Crafted with an ultra-thin, lightweight design, washable rugs are easily foldable for storage, machine washable for effortless cleaning, and quick to dry.
Plus, enjoy added durability with their built-in non-slip backing.
Care Instructions
Cold machine wash below 30°.
Do not tumble dry.
Immediately hang and line dry after the wash cycle.
Avoid direct sunlight, and hang dry in a semi-covered shaded area.
Shake and fluff rug fibres after drying to revive the texture.
Do not bleach or use strong chemicals.
Do not apply heat or iron.
Do not dry clean.
Not suitable for use in rooms with floor-heating.
To maintain the grip on the gel dot underlay backing, avoid chemicals such as wood polish, wax and strong chemical cleaners.
Size: 180cm x 120cm