Taking inspiration from the cosmopolitan cool of inner-city living, the Fulham collection is the perfect addition to any space seeking some contemporary edge.
Expertly crafted from mango wood atop a jet-black steel frame, this loft-style range is brimming with modern sophistication.
Offering everything from tables and chairs to beds and bookshelves, the Fulham collection is a stylish choice.
Each piece is crafted with mango wood and a steel frame for exceptional durability and support.
The steel frame provides durability and support.
The open frames of selected pieces in the collection allows light to pass through and exhibit their features, allowing them to anchor your spaces without overbearing them.
Each piece is finished with a nitrocellulose lacquer that produces a very durable yet flexible finish that is easy to fix up should damage occur, Bookcases and tables in the Fulham range have been constructed using stability cross bar bracing, which has turn buckles to help adjust them to the correct amount of tension.
Fulham items are flat-packed for easy transportation.