Embrace the elegance of versatility with the Aditya Vintage blue reversible Rug, a delightful addition to your home that offers two captivating looks in one.
Measuring 70x150cm, this rectangular-shaped rug features a soothing blend of blue and grey, perfectly reflecting a Hamptons style that’s both classic and contemporary.
Crafted from a luxurious combination of 70% Polyester and 30% Cotton, the rug boasts a Digital Print finish that brings to life a Turkish-inspired floral pattern.
The rich texture and ornate design are reminiscent of classic Persian rugs, offering a timeless appeal that fits seamlessly into various rooms.
Whether it’s the bedroom, dining room, living room, or office, this reversible rug from the Aditya range is more than just a decorative piece.
Its easy-to-clean nature ensures that it remains a vibrant centerpiece in your home, effortlessly blending functionality with aesthetics.